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nolboo LOUNGE

Introduce overall food service brand Nolboo

nolboo Specialty BRANDS

  • nolboo bossam

    Leading South Korea BossamNolboo Bossam

    boiled pork eaten with a salty sauce and
    wrapped in greens

  • nolboo BudaeJjigae

    Korea’s popular BudaeJjigae Nolboo BudaeJjigae

    Nolboo’s BudaeJjigae’s menu truly has
    eye-catching and mouth-watering appeal.

  • Yennal Tongdak

    Nolboo’sfried chicken Yennal Tongdak

    Yennal Tongdak is a restaurant specializing in chicken
    which serves quality food at reasonable prices!

  • Gongsugan

    Premium hand-made snack food space Gongsugan

    The goal of “Gongsugan” is to serve good and
    healthy food

  • Hangari Galbi

    Masterpiece ribs made with 29 years of know-how Hangari Galbi

    Nolboo’s Hangari Galbi (Korean BBQ) is a brand
    that will satisfy flavor, health and enjoyment



These are the Nolboo's typical menu

  • NOLBOO BOSSAM Bossam is boiled pork
    eaten with salted shrimp
    and Bossam-Kimchi
    made for Bossam only
  • HANGARI GALBI Hangari is a clay pot
    made by Korean
    traditional way and Galbi
    is Korean BBQ.
  • NOLBOO BUDAEJJIGAEBudaeJjigae (Stew specialty)
    is Korea hot pot with
    sausages,hams, noodles,
    kimchi, fresh vegetables.
  • YENNAL TONGDAKYennal Tongdak
    is Korean fried chicken
    made with Korean
    traditional recipe
  • GONGSUGAN Gongsugan
    serves premium
    Korean snack