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Asia best restaurant franchise company


Introducing the integrated franchise brand, Nolboo!

We started out in a 16.5㎡. restaurant and developed into a restaurant franchise business representing the country.

Nolboo is a restaurant franchise business representing the country. We specialize in bossam (boiled pork with salty sauce and wrapped in greens), budae jjigae (spicy mixed meat and vegetable stew), yennal tongdak (nolboo chicken), and gongsugan (handmade flour-based meals). We directly operate 22 restaurants and there are a total of 981 franchise restaurants under our management across the country.

Back in 1987, we first started out as a family business in a 16.5㎡. restaurant located in a back alley in Sillim-dong, Seoul. Our name came to be widely known as a gourmet restaurant due to our efforts to provide traditional healthy food and good customer service. We kept improving the quality of our food and opened the first franchise restaurant in Sangdo-dong, Seoul in 1989.

By 2015, we were eventually established as a Korean Food(hansik) franchise brand representing the country with a standardized hansik menu and a systematic management structure. Now, many Koreans recognize us as a first-rate restaurant franchising business that aims to make big waves in the global dining scene with healthy traditional food recipes that has been developing many years.

Our name Nolboo stems from a well-known Korean folktale about two brothers, i.e. good-natured yet poor Heungboo and his elder brother Nolboo, who was rich and greedy.

< Nolboo, the rich and greedy brother >
We look at the bright side of Nolboo’s greedy nature.

  • 1) Our principle of providing only good and healthy food to customers is in a way associated with Nolboo’s greedy nature.
  • 2) We aim to be the best restaurant that serves delicious food.
  • 3) We aim to enter the global market with our excellent and healthy food.

By emulating the persistent and stubborn nature of Nolboo from the Korean folktale, we will also put forth our best efforts to provide excellent food quality and taste.

Main Business Overview

  • No.1 in terms of customer
    Comprehensive specialized restaurant
    franchising business
  • The long lasting restaurant
    franchise brand in the
  • Simple menu
    appealing to people
  • Trustworthy professional
    management system
    Accumulated know-how on business operation
    and franchise management
  • Our competitive edges An ideal system for operating a franchise,
    professional hands providing support for franchisees,
    continued R&D efforts, investment in development
    of new menu items, efforts to improve food quality,
    daily QSC management
  • Stable
    sales and profit
  • Our franchise network
    in Korea