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Yennal Tongdak (Fried Chicken)

Yennal Tongdak (Fried Chicken)

  • Story

    Nolboo’s Yennal Tongdak (fried chicken) helping to define a while new “chicken cuisine”.

    Nolboo’s Yennal Tongdak is a restaurant specializing in chicken which serves quality food at reasonable prices!

    Nolboo Fried Chicken (Yennal Tongdak) has made the most of fulfilling its ingredient’s natural taste of good old days.

    We are faithful to our own principles of using fresh homemade 650g chicken which delivers the softest flesh marinated with organic 100% Sin-An bay salt.
    Homemade Chicken powder including brown rice and bean powder maximize the natural flavor of savory chicken.

    Nolboo Chicken’s unique crunchy fries are driven from its exclusive frying oil and its special art of cooking with a Korean traditional Iron Pot which brings high heat conductivity.
    Not only about our specialty in taste, Nolboo has brought added values to our brand concept with its store interior with warm and cozy mood on retro-modern style.

    Its modern look & feel also reminds of our guests of good old days and brand new taste of vintage life style.

  • Menu

    Quality Chinese cuisine is realized with chicken!

    Nolboo’s Yennal Tongdak (fried chicken) is not some random ‘chicken’ chain, but it is a brand that is defining a whole new chicken cuisine.

  • Concept

    Nostalgic space

    The retro vintage style of the interior will remind some people of their youthful days during the 1970s and 1980s, while it allowing young people to enjoy a new mood in an ambience that is waiting to be discovered again.

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