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Oven-Baked Pig's Trotters, Red Mugg Coffee, Sulfur-fed duck, Damda

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  • Oven-Baked Pig's Trotters
    Uncover some commonly-known facts about Jokbal! Nolboo’s Jokbal is chewy yet tender The lean flavor of Jokbal, found deep
    into the meat The hot heat of a brazier coats the flavor of Jokbal!
    The clean flavor of Nolboo Jokbal
    Amazing Food that Everyone can Enjoy! Check out the warm and sensitive interior of Scandinavia.
  • Red Mugg Coffee
    Enjoy North European coffee culture This is a compound word of the 'Red', which symbolizes Nolboo, and
    a Swedish word meaning a ‘coffee mug’. Customers can enjoy a warm sensibility
    unique to Northern Europe.
    Welcome to Scandinavia A casual brand specializing in pig’s trotters for people of all ages to enjoy.
  • Sulfur-fed duck
    The best HEALTHY food baked with red clay Nolboo’s Sulfur-fed Duck is truly healthy food. Whole duck is filled with
    various medicinal herbal ingredients and sweet rice, and then the meat is placed
    in a red clay earthenware and baked in a modern oven at a high
    temperature of 400℃ for 3 hours.
    Local Hotspot We invite all gourmands to come and dine at this premium health
    food restaurant.
  • Damda
    Nolboo’s genuine Seolleongtang (bone soup and meat) For centuries, authentic Seolleongtang soup was originally clear and not milky.
    Nolboo is making authentic and healthy Seolleongtang which features clear soup
    giving off a clean flavor.
    Damda, for the Sophisticated Diner Come discover ‘Damda,’ A restaurant where traditional aesthetics meets
    a modern touch.