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Hangari Galbi (Korean BBQ)

Hangari Galbi (Korean BBQ)

  • Story

    Masterpiece ribs made with 29 years of know-how

    Nolboo’s Hangari Galbi (Korean BBQ) is a brand that will satisfy flavor, health and enjoyment.

    Koreans’ representative food, grilled short ribs
    Korean ancestors once used earthenware to store food.

    ‘‘Nolboo’s Hangari Galbi’ uses short ribs made with Nolboo’s unique recipe which helps deliver the good flavor and texture of short ribs by using earthenware.

    All healthy flavors!Nolboo’s Hangari Galbi’ serves food with rich flavor produced by the aging process in earthenware and the soft aroma of hardwood charcoal.

    Pleasant dining!Comforting place! Nolboo’s Hangari Galbi is the perfect place to share some good times with great friends and family!

    Carefully prepared traditional ribs.As a meat expert, Nolboo proves that it can serve carefully prepared food made of quality ingredients.

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  • Menu

    Leading entrees in the casual dining market!

    Enjoy diverse menu selections that can be enjoyed by all family members at Nolboo’s Hangari Galbi.

  • Concept

    Meat Master

    Nolboo’s Hangari Galbi delivers the aroma of life!

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