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Gongsugan (Korean Fast Food)

Gongsugan (Korean Fast Food)

  • Story

    Premium Handmade snack food space

    Premium snack food brand serves carefully prepared snack food made of good ingredients!

    Handmade fries & stir-fried rice cakes Premium snack food brand serves carefully prepared snack food made of good ingredients!

    [ Gongsugan ] serves Korea’s iconic snack foods such as <Tteokbokki(Stir-fried rice cake slivers in a hot and tangy sauce)>, <Gimbap>, and <Deep-fried snacks> which often appear in Korean TV dramas. The name [Gongsugan] refers to quality Handmade snack foods that have been made with great care.

    The brand reflects the philosophy of Nolboo which is dedicated to only making delicious food as it uses quality ingredients, such as vegetable-based broth, wheat cake, and high-quality fish cakes. Nolboo’s snack food can be enjoyed by both young and old and even appeal to global diners, and it is also healthy due to the used of carefully-selected food ingredients.

    1. 1. All menu selections are made-to-order at each shop, starting from the preparation of ingredients to the serving of food to customers.
    2. 2. Broth is cooked with five kinds of fresh food ingredients to deliver delicious flavor (Sea kelp, radishes, dried anchovies, onions, green onions).
    3. 3. The soup base of Tteokbokki uses broth made of carefully selected natural food ingredients.
    4. 4. All of [Gongsugan]’s menu selections are highly nutritious and healthy snack foods which can also act as a meal.
    5. 5. [Gongsugan] delivers fresh food with great care.
    6. 6. [Gongsugan] claims to be a “premium snack space’ which serves Handmade food that has been prepared with great care.
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  • Menu

    Great ingredients with great care

    The goal of “Gongsugan” is to serve good and healthy food

  • Concept

    CAFÉ-style snack chain store!

    The interior uses wood-base materials with an oriental sense of beauty to create a stable and clean image of the space. An open-style kitchen is used to project the characteristics of hand-made food. The pattern of calligraphy and traditional seals are applied to the inner and outer façade to give off a friendly and traditional mood. Comb-pattern decorations are used to provide a comfortable feel unlike other snack food shops.

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